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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2014 09:11AM EDT

Kickbit is a new app that allows people to discover and try out various kinds of offers to earn additional data for their mobile devices. Yes, the same mobile data you get from your wireless carrier. You get more of it without needing to pay!

Kickbit integrates directly with your mobile carrier—that's how we're able to add mobile data to your account!

If you are not eligible to earn additional data, Kickbit has now integrated with Paypal to provide you with cash back, deposited right into your Paypal account! 

Adding & verifying your device

When you create your Kickbit account, the mobile number of your device will need to be added to your account. You then need to verify that you are the owner of the device that is attached to that particular mobile number. Verifying the device is easy, you simply need to tap the Verify button and we send you a text message with a code. This code needs to be entered into the Kickbit app. 

This step is not required for tablets.

Completing offers to earn data

Here comes the fun part! Tap Earn Data on the Kickbit dashboard to view and complete offers to earn data. There are various kinds of offers: checking out cool new apps, watching videos, filling out surveys, trying new services, and even shopping online. There's plenty to do for everyone! 

Depending on the offer and the sponsor or advertiser, getting the mobile data reward is not always immediate. Most of the time, it takes 10 minutes to 24 hours to get the mobile data reward. You can always check your rewards by tapping Activity on the Kickbit dashboard. Once you get your reward, it is stored in your Kickbit account, just like a piggybank, and you can use it when you need more mobile data!

 Note  You can only complete an offer once.

Redeeming your earned data

First, what does this mean? Redeeming your earned data simply means that you're moving a portion or all of your earned data from your Kickbit account to one of your devices' data plan. That is, let's say you have 500MB of data available in your Kickbit account, you can redeem 50MB and keep the rest for later. The data is yours. You do whatever you want with it, whenever you want!​

 Note  Your earned mobile data accumulates in your Kickbit account and never expires! However, once you redeem data to your data plan, that data is subject to the terms established by your data plan provider. This means that the amount you redeem, if unused, will expire at the end of the billing cycle or after 30 days depending on your carrier.

Kickbit users who use Vodafone as their carrier have their earned data automatically transferred every hour

Before cash back users can redeem their MB's, you will need to input your Paypal e-mail address. If you do not have one you will be able to download the Paypal app & create a free account through Kickbit. 

Still not clear on a few things?

Feel free to browse our knowledge center (tap Help from the Kickbit dashboard) or tap the button below to drop us a note, we'll be happy to help!
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